user data removal policy

User Data Removal Policy

Last updated: 26th Oct 2021

Users’ data is processed according to Our Privacy Policy.

Any registered User of Our Service is free to request a removal of their data from the Service. The request needs to be sent from email address which, in our Service, uniquely identifies a given User (i.e. this address has been used for the registration purpose).

User Data Removal will be done in up to 14 days and will include the following:

  • User’s email address will be removed from the Service
  • Additional information provided by the User (like Country, Languages, National Bridge Association ID, etc.) will be remove from the Service
  • User’s play history will be anonymised (i.e. User’s nickname will no longer appear in our Service e.g. in Tournament History or Boards History and Analysis)

Changes to this User Data Removal Policy

We may update Our User Data Removal Policy from time to time. When this happens we will update the “Last updated” date at the top of this User Data Removal Policy.

You are advised to review this User Data Removal Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this User Data Removal Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this User Data Removal Policy, You can contact us by visiting this page:

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