Earn on HoB

HoB is a platform which allows you not only to play but also to organise and host bridge tournaments. If you’re a tournament director with some reach among players, we encourage you to host paid tournaments. Our model is provision-based, which is both simple and transparent. Drop us an email on contact@houseofbridge.com and we’ll be happy to give you TD access rights to allow you to host your own tournaments.

All our encouragement in the previous paragraph does not change the fact that HoB can and does host free tournaments. If you want to direct events which are free for participants, you can absolutely do it and we won’t charge you.

On another note, many National Bridge Organisations host closed & paid tournaments for their players. We support functionalities allowing you to restrict access to tournaments if needed. We invite any NBO to try out HoB and consider moving some of their online tournaments here. Again, contact us on contact@houseofbridge.com for more details.