Now, grow with HoB


Improve your play

Every application for online bridge will help you improve your play. As long as you play it, that is 🙂 HoB allows you to review every trick & compare your play to that of the others. You may play casually with your friends, compete in a private tournament or try your skills in one of the big national tournaments.


Free private tournaments

Wed love to see bridge players improve their skills with the help of HoB. We will support bridge education and will not charge non-profit organisations / clubs / individuals for small private tournaments. If someone wants to make a profit on HoB by hosting a paid tournament, we’ll take a cut of that . Fair is fair.
Read more on our payment policy.


Computer-aided analysis of the game

There’s one field in which online bridge beats the live experience: computer analysis. At HoB youll find a whole “Games History & Analysis” section which will allow you to see the optimal contract and play for all your boards. Double-dummy analysis will help you spot mistakes in both bidding & play, making you a better bridge player. And premium features will show you how you’re doing against others, giving you an additional boost to improve. Click the button below to see a video on how the “Games History & Analysis” module can help you analyse a board.