Online bridge made simple

Modern, intuitive design allows you to start playing bridge the minute you join HoB – without the need to read lengthy manuals.


Built by experts

Being a world class bridge player is not enough to build a world class application for online bridge. HoB is being developed by experts in programming, graphics design, user experience and product development. And some of us do play bridge 🙂


State-of-the-art application that the bridge world deserves

Somehow bridge society got used to mediocre looking websites & applications. Looks are definitely not everything, but we’re certain that the bridge world deserves online bridge platform that not only works, but is also pretty. HoB is simply the best looking application on the market.


No ads. Ever.

Do we want to make a profit? Of course! The basic version is free to play, but well charge you for premium features or some of the tournaments. But we’ll never spoil your experience of HoB with noisy ads.