Prevent & flag cheating

With Covid-19 having paralysed the live experience of bridge, most of us had to resolve to online bridge. Existing applications made it so easy to cheat that the temptation was too much for many players. As a result many of us turned away from online bridge. Our mission is to reverse this trend. At HoB we made it harder to cheat (e.g. no anonymity) but also implemented tools that will automatically flag suspicious plays.


Ethical standards at a bridge table

Most bridge players are nice folk. But we’ve all met someone who spoiled all the fun we were having at a bridge table. At HoB well not tolerate rude behaviour. We’ll make everything in our power to make your experience what it should be – a pure, intellectual pleasure.


No more anonymity

We are certain that anonymity has done more harm than good to online bridge over the years. At HoB we ask everyone to register and we suggest to reveal their name. And to show some integrity, we did the same for you: if you want to meet us and see who built the House of Bridge, just click the button below.